People in UK prefer iPhone 5 to Samsung Galaxy!

A sneak into the cold war between Samsung and Apple gave me a new insight into the story. An opinion poll conducted by  among the users of these brands in UK revealed that 44 percent of iPhone users expressed a desire to shift to iPhone 5 within a few hours of its revelation.

iPhone 5 is leading the world market against Samsung Galaxy!
iPhone 5 is leading the world market against Samsung Galaxy!

This they did without asking for further information on the product. Now what can be a better narration of its success story than this? But if you look at it the other way 95 percent users of its rival Samsung Galaxy prefer to continue their loyalty to the brand barring the 5 percent who seemed to be attracted towards the amazing features of the new version of the iPhone. Looks like the large screen of iPhone 5, its high speed internet services and 4G mobile services are what helped these people change their minds!

Those who are not quite impressed with the features of iPhone 5 claimed the product has been overly hyped and that it does not deserve the kind of attention it is receiving right now. In spite of this iPhone’s performance in the world market has been outstanding. Talking about the same Guy Potter, director and market researcher at usurv said

“We ran an immediate poll to gauge people’s instant reactions to the new phone and as with most Apple launches there seems to be a fair bit of positive excitement.  The fact that 44 per cent of existing iPhone users already want to upgrade – without needing to think about it – shows the loyalty to the brand. However, none of the new features seemed to instantly grab people – with 39 per cent saying none of them really appealed.”

Participants were asked:

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The Apple iPhone 5 has just been launched. Which of the following features do you find most appealing:

Feature Percentage
Larger screen for better viewing of content and applications 19%
Higher speed Internet access through 4G capabilities 17%
Performance when running applications that is up to twice as fast as the previous iPhone due to a new chip                                   9%
A better camera including panaorama and HD video features 11%
Thinner design, which makes it the lightest iPhone ever 5%
None of them appeal to me                                                  39

Do you want to upgrade to the iPhone 5:

Existing phone brand Yes No Want to find out more
iPhone 44% 29% 27%
Samsung Galaxy 5% 69% 26%
Nokia 19% 64% 27%
HTC 18% 58% 23%
BlackBerry 13% 54% 33%

While this is the present situation, we do not know what plans fate has future. Like they say may the best man win. In this case may the best brand win!

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