Political Turmoil in Pakistan again!

Pakistan made headlines and this time it was the political developments in the state that catapulted the nation into breaking news section of various channels!

It has been a kind of a ‘merry go round‘ as far as the power is concerned in the country. The ball’s been in Army’s court sometimes and sometimes it has been the political parties which have run the state. But it wouldn’t be unfair to say that the former has had a formidable say in the way things have shaped up in the country in the recent past.

Political Turmoil in Pakistan again
Political Turmoil in Pakistan again

General Pervez Musharraf seized power in a bid to ameliorate and improve the state which was perilously close to a state of decay. How far he succeeded, well, that is another debate. The country is precariously placed at present with Nawaz Sharif threatening to turn around the equation on one side and the army gearing up to seige the reigns of the country.

The recent spate of attacks on Sri Lankan team have worsened things and it appears that extremist elements are slowly gaining hold of the power in certain provinces in the country. This has complicated the issue even further and has rendered the political scene even more volatile.

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It would in the coming few days that one would get to see who grabs the reigns of the country. Whosoever it may be, it would be crown of thorns that awaits the ruler of the country!

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