Ra.One game no.1 for iPhone and iPad!

Here’s another astonishing ‘first’ by the Ra.One’s never-ending list of successful ventures! The Ra.One game, ‘Ra.One Genesis’ has reached the No. 1 position on the iTunes store within an incredible amount of time, which is just within 24 hours of its launch.

Ra.One First Top iPad and iPhone Game based on Bollywood Movie
Ra.One First Top iPad and iPhone Game based on Bollywood Movie

Ra.One is indeed raising the bar for Bollywood movies in the future since Ra.One Genesis has become the first ever Bollywood movie app which is top-featured on iPhone and iPad.

An avid gamer, ShahRukh with son Aryan, has developed the storyline for the game. Almost a prequel to the movie, the game will introduce the key film characters of ‘Ra.One’ and the various super-powers they have in the film. Players will be able to play as the key characters of the film: Ra.One or G.One Since the time of its release, the Ra.One game has taken the world by storm,especially the appealing and creatively designed Ra.One’s army characters and the superhero G.One. It is evident that iPhone and iPad users have accepted the Bollywood movie game very well and this has certainly opened up the field of new age movie marketing innovation in the future as well.

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Ra.One – India Games Press Conference:

About the game – Ra.One | Genesis is a free to play top down 3D arcade action game, available for Smartphones & Online. You play as the mighty superhero ‘G.One’ who will stand to defend the world, against the wrath of a surreal creation, codename ‘Ra.One’ and his minions, who are all set to bring chaos and destruction. You can play as ‘G.One’ the next generation superhero that can solidify electricity and use it to bring down any form of enemy. Equipped with special abilities and weaponry, he stands by to defend our world. The other features of the game are –

  • Explore 3 futuristic terrains; each more deadly than that first.
  • Cinematic cut scenes to create an immersive story driven experience.
  • Your Mission is to survive & destroy horde of the most brutal minions led by Ra.One’s Commanders.
  • Encounter epic boss battles, tons of character customization and purchasable weapons, armor and upgrades.
  • Track your unlocked achievements over Game Center or publish them on your facebook wall.

So have you started playing yet? RaOne – By Indiagames Limited

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