Refresh yourself with a sip of the Paper Boat drink!

Paper Boat Drinks

Hi all! Welcome back to WittySparks once again. Summer has penetrated our windows and with each passing year it only gets worse! But there’s one memory of summer that we all cherish. Our childhood! That childhood which was allowed to take a break from the heavy load of books to enjoy mangoes in the scotching sun.

Today I will take you back to those good old days. So put aside your work load for a while and get back to making paper boats like you used to. Has the sudden mention of paper boats make you wonder why now?

Well there’s a drink with the same name that aims at refreshing your memory while soothing your taste buds with some natural pulp. You could ask your taste buds to confirm the flavor you like. The makers of this brand have greatly stretched the range of flavors to choose from.

Paper Boat Drinks Review by WittySparks:

You might have heard of such claims in advertisements on your T.V but in case of paper boat drinks you can clearly see the mention of ingredients of the juice of your choice. So now whether it is Aamras, Jaljeera, Kokum or Jamun you don’t have to worry about adulteration with preservatives. For instance if you feel like tasting a yummy mango just grab a bottle of Paper Boat’s Aamras because it contains nothing but 45% of mango pulp, some sugar and some water. Paper Boat recently launched 3 new tastes – Aam panna, Golgappe ka pani, Imli ka amlana – interesting right, why not have a pure desi taste.

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Paper Boat Drinks - Aam Panna, Golgappe, Imli
Paper Boat Drinks – Aam Panna, Golgappe, Imli

That’s it! These simple ingredients give you the tastiest mango juice ever! Unlike other summer drinks Paper Boat comes with a package of health and taste. In the same bottle of Aamras you will get the goodness of citric acid, ascorbic acid, pectin, natural and nature-identical flavoring substances.

Now that’s a perfect mix, what say? Let us know what is your favorite flavor is!

Paper Boat drinks

Rs 30.00

Package design









  • Easy to carry while travelling
  • Package design is awesome
  • Good to consider this drink compared to other soft drinks or fruit drinks
  • Good to consider for events or functions


  • Taste is not so quite natural
  • It is same price as available natural juice

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