Samsung Galaxy S III to come before the world at a press meet on May 3rd!

Oh God! There is so much competition out there. Just the other day I read about Apple’s new venture and now Samsung Galaxy S III is diverting my attention towards itself. The Samsung Galaxy S III is making news for various inputs about its features. Recently it was a trailer about this smartphone that grabbed my attention. A mere one minute trailer had a lot to say about the phone. It starts off with a PR speak and some graphical effects and is concluded by some close headed sheep. You didn’t get the concept, did you? What they are trying to convey is that it is something that stands out in the crowd.

Samsung Galaxt S III - Android Mobile
Samsung Galaxt S III - Android Mobile

Although there’s not much information about the phone yet a sneak peek revealed that the company is planning an elaborate press meet on the third of May to show the world its new creation.

It is also revealed that the phone will have a 4.6 or 4.7 inch AMOLED display which makes it totally different from its preceding versions. This phone has also been called the Olympics phone due to Samsung’s association with the games. Samsung is an official sponsor of the Olympic games being held in London this summer. So I guess it’s a trick of Samsung to allow us to take glimpse at its new product to enhance our craze for it.

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[UNPACKED 2012] Teaser 2:

Here is an Official Site where you can get a little insight about this new Samsung Galaxy S III: The Next Galaxy
Image Source: Is this the Samsung Galaxy S III?

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