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Time to Sell your Old Mobile phones or Smartphones

Do you have old and used mobile phones laying useless in your drawers? It is time to get extra cash for it and buy a better and high tech mobile phone. There are several stunning and innovative phones available in the market. iPhone 6 is already available and Samsung Galaxy S6 is on the way in April 2015.

However the question is how to get the most out of your phones so that you can recover most of your money. As we all know it is quite difficult to recover most of our money spent on a mobile phone. If you want to return a brand new mobile phone to the seller you are going to get straight 25% reduction in the refund money.

And if you want to sell locally you are going to lose more money on it. So what is the solution to get the most out of it. The only solution is to find a buyer who is willing to pay you high for it. It is difficult to find one but with the help of Internet it is now easy and hassle free. However before selling your phone consider the following factors in your mind.

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Factors Effecting Mobile Phone Price

  • The company – If it is from a well known company then you can expect good price for it.
  • Wear and Tear – How good is its condition. Any scratches or damages to its appearance. If there is any then you can expect low price.
  • The Demand – Is there still demand for the particular phones. Some of the mobile phones have issues and users may not spend money on it. If that is the case then it is going to be even more harder to sell it on a good price.

If all of the above factors are in your favor then you are good to go and can get a decent price for you. The next step is to find a buyer who is willing to pay you a good price.

Where to Sell It?

As I mentioned earlier Internet has made it quite easy. There are several companies willing to buy old and used mobile phones. But you need the one which pays high and don’t want you to go through stressful process.

Based on my research meets my criteria for the best and recommended company. It pays high and most importantly it pays on the same day the phone is delivered to them. Another good thing is if you are not satisfied with your deal you can always request for full refund during the 7 days.

If you have old mobile phones then you should sell to today. The more it stays the more you lose on it. It is better to lose $50 today when you can lose $100 tomorrow.

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