Solve the mystery of your favourite story with Disney Hidden Worlds

Help your favourite Disney story unfold with Disney Hidden Worlds!

As kids we have all enjoyed the game treasure hunt. It was as if looking for and finding real hidden treasure. The creators of Disney paid a little more attention to this casual game and made it an exciting and engaging game of discovery.

Help your favorite Disney story unfold with Disney Hidden Worlds!
Help your favorite Disney story unfold with Disney Hidden Worlds!

They call it Disney Hidden Worlds! The game rules are simple the player only has to find the missing objects in kingdoms of imaginary stories like Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Aladin and many more as he enters the dream world of Disney. The characters that come alive will help you find your way through the story. Let me take you through the features of this amazing game once again.

  • Interact with magical Kingdoms based on well-known Disney stories like Beauty & the Beast, Tangled and Aladdin, with many more movies to come soon.
  • Play through Disney animated film-based hidden-object scenes and spot-the-detail scenes.
  • Collect ink and craft objects to help each story progress towards “happily ever after.”
  • Help Chrona and the Inklings save the magical Kingdoms from a mysterious villain in this original Disney story.
  • Play and sync a single game across Facebook, iOS and Android devices.
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So kids how exited are you enter the world of magic? Let all your dreams come true through this amazing discovery of hidden Disney!

To know more watch the trailer: Disney Hidden Worlds

Players can head over to Disney Hidden Worlds and dive into the magical moments of Disney Hidden Worlds today. The game can also be downloaded for iOS devices at and for Android at

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