Spend time with yourself on your disconnect day!

When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone? When was the last time your appreciated someone instead of hitting the like button for their photo on a social networking site? If it has been so long that you can’t find an answer to this question, then you should blame it all on the technology. In fact it would be better to say that it’s the fault of your smartphone addiction.

A research reveals that 64% of the adults in the USA own smartphones and 67% of them have a tendency to check their phones even if it is not ringing or vibrating. Such is the dependency or addiction the modern world has to their smartphones. It is taking away what is unique only to the Homosapiens – humanity! Today, humans, specially in the metropolitan cities are nothing more than machines who work on machines and interact with the same.

Cabela’s Disconnect Day – Justin Moore’s “What a Wonderful World”

So what can be done to get back to being humans with emotions and sensations? The best way to do that is to observe a Disconnect Day. Choose a day to stay away from technology and spend some quality time, with yourself and your family. Step out! Before you do that, promise to yourself that you’ll stay offline and that your smartphone will be nothing more than a camera to store memories for a lifetime.

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There are many things outside the virtual world, that are far better and worth your time. Instead of reading a post by a friend, read a nice book at a park and discover what you have been missing! Say hello to nature and listen to the sound of birds instead of recorded messages. Since you have seen enough of Twitter, try bird watching. I’m sure you will find it far more refreshing than the former.

You may know a lot of people through LinkedIn but getting to know someone over an interesting barbecue breakfast is an amazing feeling. Trust me; you will establish a stronger link this way. You may be part of many online communities, but do you know how it feels to bond with people in a community bonfire? Make a plan to meet your favorite person instead of scheduling a facetime meet.

It is shocking to know that an American child spends an average of 7 hours per day with electronics and 93 million selfies are taken per day. This is probably why most people don’t know their family members as well as an app on their smartphone. Think about it. If you feel, this needs to change then take a pledge to disconnect for a day. Feel the difference and she your experience on social media with hashtag #MyDisconnectDay.

Have Your Disconnect Day
Have Your Disconnect Day

Visit mydisconnectday.com to take the pledge.

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