Texting too much? Go back to school and learn your spellings!

English is a very beautiful language. But in recent times people’s laziness has destroyed its beauty to a great extent. It’s unbelievable how the trend of making words shorter emerged and succeeded in becoming an addiction to mankind. It is universally believed that the fashion of texting has led to the disruption of English language where “to” becomes “2” and “because” becomes “coz”.

Watch your words before you forget how to spell them!
Watch your words before you forget how to spell them!

People got so used to this kind of writing that it no longer seems wrong. In fact getting back to the original way of writing is what seems to be the tough task today. The shortened language which facilitates quick typing has been a major attraction specially to adolescents and young adults who are more likely to communicate through texting than any other means.

It is hard to believe how the number people who text has increased tremendously. The figures are as high as 2,539 among boys, 4,050 among girls and 1,639 among young adults. If things continue to go this way then it won’t be long before proper English will be something that is buried in our backyards. With 43% of the teens using mobiles mainly to text, there’s no way they can get out of the habit of using abbreviations for anything and everything. The major problem arises when middle schoolers start using this language at an age when foundations for good English are laid. Among these the once who own a cell phone are quick to catch up with this language than those who don’t. That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

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Does Texting Hurt Your Grammar?
Does Texting Hurt Your Grammar?

A survey revealed that 50% of the teens do not use punctuations as a result of habitual texting. 11% of them felt are negative impact on their writing skills. About 86% of them believe that good writing skills are important for a successful life ahead. The statistics clearly show that kids to realize the importance of the traditional style of writing but are unable to get back to it as a result of prolonged use of the wrong ones. As they say old habits die hard! So all the people out there please correct your grammar before it’s too late and before you start regretting your laziness. Start now!

Original source: OnlineCollege.org

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