The VIA App – Your Best Travel Partner!

India's highest-rated travel app

This one”s for the travel lovers. People, you have an app that will enhance your journey to any place in the world. Read on to find out more!

It’s called the VIA app and has been created to simplify your travel complications. Be it hotel bookings, flight tickets or holiday packages, VIA app will take care of everything. You can just enjoy your journey. The app is designed to guide you at various stages of your trip. It comes equipped with a GPS system that can direct you to the nearest hotel with ease. The app will also help you get in touch with your nearest travel agent with least effort from your end. have some more exciting things for the users of this app. Users who recommend the VIA app to family and friends will be given reward points for that. Now you can instantly connect with the help desk of any airlines within seconds and bookings will be easier than ever only because of the VIA app. The check out experience will leave you in amazement and all this is only because of feature of stored traveler details. Not only this, VIA app is the only one to provide an EMI facility. It has not been long since the launch of this app but it is already rated 4.4 on Google Play.

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Describing his happiness over this Mr. Swaminathan Vedaranyam, CEO, Via.comsaid, “We are thrilled by the kind of rave reviews the VIA app has received. Almost 45% of the traffic on our consumer-facing platform now comes through the app. It has resulted in a 200% rise in traffic on and a 140% spike in the conversion rate. Going forward, we aim to introduce more features that will firmly foster VIA app’s identity as the go-to travel booking destination for users.”

Forget all your worries about payments too! Because with the VIA app you can pay using credit cards, debit cards and net banking. Paying in installments is also an option if you are using the VIA app. With the facility to book international and domestic flight tickets, updates of all deals at all airlines and the Airfare Calendar which helps travelers find the dates with the lowest fares and assists them in making bookings wisely, I’m sure you’ll love the app.

If you have already fallen in love with it, you can check out the Google Play store where it is available right now. Have a happy and a safe journey!

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