Types of Actuators Used At Home

Actuator used in homes

Linear actuators have proved to be the next best invention in human life, making it simple and taking up some basic roles. However, some of the latest home automation’s have proved to be more advantageous in man’s daily life. The combination of sensor and actuators has various applications in home appliances currently not even mentioning industrial as well as office uses.

High quality DC actuators at progressiveautomations.com can be classified according to their uses and source of power. In many homes, manual, electric and pneumatic actuators are used. Light Control Application using prototype system has been one of the major home applications of the actuator. This regulates light levels specified by the individual sensor nodes. Resident of a house can set the right lighting in the house and the actuator takes the responsibility henceforth. The actuator, are used in hydraulic cylinder, electrical pump motor, hydraulic pumps, check valve, relay cabinet and unloading valve. The hydraulic is important as a consistent measure in one direction appliance especially in some home appliances.

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Actuators are used in homes for positioning seats, doors, gates and in any hydraulic valves. For those with gardens and turfs the actuator is used to make the lawn mower comfortable, in cleaning machines, dump bed, deck lifts, in transmission shift as well as to position brushes and squeegees. For those who have installed solar panels, actuators can be used to position them at daytime and return them to resting time at night. For easy ventilation in homes, they can be used to open and close automatically. In homes, they can be used to close doors and locks automatically without involving the occupants. Due to their wide applications such as in automated doors, lifts, gates, satellite dishes, beds, reclining chair, arcade games in kitchen and television, linear actuators have become a common feature in many homes.

In the attached image you can observe a low voltage piezo actuator used in homes.

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