Vyclone assists in remixing your videos

Vyclone has launched its collaborate app for Windows Phone devices, and the experience they are providing in video missing is like never before. With the new “instant video mashups” using footage shot by different users at the same location, video making has taken a new spin.

Free Vyclone for your Windows Phone - Friends, Camera and Action
Free Vyclone for your Windows Phone – Friends, Camera and Action

The event/situation could be anything, a football game, a concert, a fight on the street, a wedding, users can take videos from various angels and mash it together to make one creative video of the same event. The exciting thing is that the app will only only process videos shot simultaneously. It is unlike Vine in this case, because Vine lets users take multiple shots from completely different places and moments in time by Vyclone is specifically about capturing a single moment from multiple perspectives, this application is already available for Android and iOS.

Vyclone – Film together:

The app works pretty systematically; once the user has shot the video (upto 3 minutes in length), they will have the option to upload it to Vyclone. Once uploaded the video will be available for public viewing, the option to keep the video private also exists. The stand point is that users can take one of the videos that have been uploaded to Vyclone, and “remix” it with your own choice of edits. These videos can also be shared through Facebook, Twitter and all the usual social media channels.

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Vyclone along with iOS and Android phones is now available as a free download for Windows Phone 8-devices from Windows Phone Store.

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