Widgetbox supports OpenSocial and Google Gadgets


Widgetbox™ an open web widget marketplace and syndication platform now supports OpenSocial and Google Gadgets.

Since the December is the month of giving and Widgetbox™ have two fantastic presents for all 🙂

As they promised during OpenSocial Talk, they have OpenSocial-enabled to your Widgetbox widgets. That’s right! Any Widgetbox widget can now be installed to a supported OpenSocial container. Read the Widgetbox OpenSocial Beta Guide to find out more.

They are also helping your Google Gadget to see the world. Read the Developers guide on how to Import your Google Gadget to Widgetbox and watch it spread further than ever before.

If you are new to this OpenSocial – you can go through this link for more info, Check more about OpenSocial – Google

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