Xbox 360 update – Disappearance of Twitter and Facebook apps

Hello, Twitter, Facebook and Xbox 360 lovers. Now that Xbox has updated its dashboard and removed the Facebook and Twitter app, you may have to chose who you love more.

Reason behind this extreme change is still not clearly known, but the rumor is that; it was aimed to increase the use of the new Internet Explorer browser on the Xbox console.

XBox 360 - Microsoft Update
XBox 360 – Microsoft Update

Xbox 360 Fall 2012 Dashboard Update With New Internet Explorer:

You can relax if you already have the apps installed, but if you’re a new user and having the latest update you won’t be getting the apps to the worlds biggest networking and micro blogging websites. The apps are available in the list of Microsoft’s Xbox Live page, but not in the company’s app market place for Xbox.

The new update has not been distributed world wide, it will by October 23rd 2012. As of now the update has been made available to three million consoles, as being in a ‘pre-launch’ phase.

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The question is are we willing to overlook the disappearance of out two favorite apps for the the new Internet Explorer? What do you think about the latest dashboard update?, does it sound like a shady decision on Microsoft’s part?

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