Xbox 720 always-connected console paves way for Sony PS4

Here’s some sad news for the Xbox fans, the new Xbox 720 requires an internet connection to function. Gaming could not have been made more inconvenient, or is this is the beginning of a whole new gaming era?

Xbox 720 may drive gamers away
Xbox 720 may drive gamers away

The Xbox 720 will be an always-connected device that will require a constant connection to the next version of Xbox Live in order to function. This move by Microsoft is more or less likely to completely wipe out the used gaming market. The games will be available at Xbox Live to buy or in physical form using a 50GB Blu-ray disc format and a one-time use activation code. Microsoft is choosing to use an 1.6GHz 8-core AMD processor, 800MHz GPU, and 8GB RAM.

Xbox 720 Leaked Specs Are True!

This may be bad news for Xbox fans but Sony will definitely get a positive hit by this move. Business wise gamers would prefer using the Sony PS4, to avoid the internet connectivity hassle. Also the option to switch to Blu-ray comes as no surprise as there is no other viable large-capacity disc format Microsoft could use, again causing an increase in Sony sales.

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Content Source: Geek – XBox 720 will require an internet connection to function

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