Zero Dark Thirty has bagged the Oscar for best Sound Editing!

The Oscar fever has been heating up since a while now. All that people want to talk about who bagged what award at the biggest and the most prestigious awards of the year. So talking about awards the proud winner of Oscar among others is Zero Dark Thirty. Its makers have been honored with an Oscar award for their commendable work in sound editing.

And the Oscar for best sound editing goes to - Zero Dark Thirty!
And the Oscar for best sound editing goes to – Zero Dark Thirty!

The sound in the film has been appreciated so much because it has brought the story alive and gave a real life experience to the audience. But let me tell you that Zero Dark Thirty is not the only proud winner. The Oscar has been shared by the movie Skyfall.

This is only the 6th tie in Academy Award history. The others have taken place much before. Out of these the most famous one was way back in 1968 when Katherine Hepburn and Barbra Streisand were locked up in a tie for the best actress award for their applauded work in A Lion in Winter and Funny Girl respectively. PVR pictures which has a reputation of distributing 325 Hindi, Hollywood and Regional films has released Zero Dark Thirty in India and now it is gearing up for the release of The Host, The Reluctant Fundamentalist, The Mortal Instrument and City of Bones.

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